"I feel like I don't matter"
"I put keep choosing relationships with people who mistreat me"
"What I want or need doesn't matter"
"I don't go after the things I want in life"

Managing stress
"I'm overwhelmed at work or home!"
"I'm breaking under the pressure at work"
"People are counting on me to keep it together and I can't seem to!"
"I have so much on the go it's hard to think"

Defeating anxiety/ general worries
"I'm anxious and worried a lot"
"I find it hard to turn my mind off"
"Sometimes my heart feels like it's going to leap out of my chest"
"I'm scared and fearful a lot"
"I find myself obsessing about 'what ifs' often"

Healthy sexuality
"I want to healthily express myself sexually"
"I'm a healthy woman, why can't I let go with my partner"
"It's time for me to get over what's been holding me back in bed"
"It's hard for me to stay connected with my body during sex"

Recovering from burnout
"Being a healthcare professional is exhausting me"
"I'm starting to resent my clients/ patients"
"I feel overwhelmed when I see my schedule for the day"
"My days seem to be getting longer and longer with no end in sight!"
"I'm questioning my decision to help people"

Achieving work-life balance
"I'm overwhelmed with demands in my life"
"I don't seem to have any time for myself"
"I feel like all I do is work"
"I feel like I'm a rat caught in a wheel!"
"I hardly do anything enjoyable anymore"
"I wish I could spend more time with the people I love, but I just don't seem to have the time!"
"My Type A nature isn't helping me have the life I want"

Loving someone with mental illness
"I'm living with, loving or supporting a family member dealing with mental illness"
"I don't know how to give them the support they need"
"I don't know how to meet my own needs when they seem to need so much"
"I'm worn down from caring so much!"

Surviving a partner with sex addiction
"I am the partner to someone who's sexual behaviour or pornography use is out of control" 
"I don't feel safe with my partner's sexual behavior"
"My partner seems more interested in pornography than in me"
"I feel angry all the time at my partner for his past choices"

Understanding and resolving relationship issues
"How do I connect with this person!?"
"I don't feel close to this person anymore"
"How can I hold onto myself and still be with this person?"
"No! It's over - how do we part with dignity?" 

Gaining Assertiveness/ finding your voice
"I want to speak up/ stand up for myself"
"I have a hard time saying what I need in relationships"
"I seem to end up putting my wants and
needs on hold with others"
"I'm sick of being ignored!"

Reclaiming creative expression/ freedom
"I want to create or express myself but I'm stuck"
"How do I create when faced with uncertainty!?"
"Every time I try to create, I get paralyzed
with self criticism! Arg!"
"I have a hard time expressing myself"
"I often feel like expressing emotion is weak"

Finding purpose/ meaning in life
"What am I doing with my life?"
"This can't be all there is!?"
"The life I think I want isn't like what other
people want or value - is that okay?"
"I have a deep purpose but I'm not sure I have
the courage to carry it out"

Coping with grief and loss
"I want to honor my loss and let go of the pain"
"I'm sad and experiencing deep pain from loss"
"I've lost my fur baby (my dog, my cat, my animal companion) and I'm struggling to cope"
"I need to be able to grieve"
"I want to get back to living my life after
losing someone/ a being I love but I don't know how" 

Healing from trauma
"I want to let go of past trauma and move on with my life"
"I keep having the same painful memory and
it won't leave me alone!"
"I've experienced something traumatic in
my life and I'm ready to move past it"

Setting boundaries
"Help, I can't say no!"
"Why do people always seem to take advantage of me!?"
"I give and I give and I give and it doesn't seem to end!"
"How come no one seems to care about my needs?"
"Someone in my life doesn't seem to care about what I want or need"

"I don't trust myself"
"I'm afraid to let myself be vulnerable with others"
"I doubt my ability to cope in certain situations"
"I'm afraid to trust others"
"I'm not comfortable being vulnerable with men/women"

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