Come on, take a deep breath then say it... IMATTER.

Did it feel funny? Strange perhaps?
Oddly enough, even though we live in a culture obsessed with providing us with daily messages that we're entitled to have it all now, very few of us can actually say IMATTER, let alone believe it. We may be important and busy but we may wonder, is this all there is? If I'm so busy or important at work (or home), then why don't I feel like IMATTER?

And what does IMATTER mean, after all?
It means we are worthy. Worthy of love, worthy of rest, worthy of respect, worthy of kindness, worthy of a meaningful life, worthy of support. Not tomorrow, not someday, not when we're finally "good enough". 
But now. Just as we are.

IMATTER is a therapy practice unlike many others. It's a practice that is based in recognizing and reminding you of one simple but important truth - you matter!

All of us go through difficult times. All of us struggle. Sometimes asking for help can be hard. Wondering if it means you're failing, weak, or going to be judged when you need support can get between you and what you want. At IMATTER we don't think you're weak and we're not going to judge you. At IMATTER we recognize and work with your strengths. You're creative. You're intelligent.
Finally. This is Therapy for Creative and Intelligent People.

Feel free to browse the site.
Read about the types of difficult matters that I help with (and that get in the way of believing IMATTER).
And when you're ready to make a change -- and to know deep in your bones that you matter -- get in touch.

I'm located in Southwest Calgary, Alberta.

Easter Yassa, Registered Psychologist, Ph.D., with 15 years post-graduate training and experience
(toll-free 1-888-850-8761)

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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